Creating an Inclusive Cultural Environment: The Space for Action Inclusive Hub

To build a truly inclusive society that caters to the needs of all population groups, it’s essential to develop all spheres of human activity, culture included. A key element of successful social development is cultural inclusiveness, which involves integrating people with disabilities into the cultural life of society. Ukraine is gradually aligning itself with the more civilized parts of the world, making the inclusiveness and accessibility of cultural institutions and events for people with disabilities not just a necessity but a critical one—particularly during times of war, when the number of people with disabilities rises.

Many entities, including higher educational institutions, play a role in establishing cultural spaces. For instance, the Lesya Ukrainka Volyn National University, a higher educational institution, founded the Space for Action Inclusive Hub as a centre of inclusivity.

The Hub’s primary objective is to ensure everyone has equal access to cultural resources and equal opportunities for personal development and self-expression, irrespective of their background or abilities. It strives to foster European civil society values, introduce inclusive arts education principles, and enhance the educational and artistic skills of professionals who work with diverse audiences.

Active in various projects and events, the Space for Action Inclusive Hub is dedicated to increasing cultural inclusivity. A recent notable initiative was the “Inclusive Theatre for People with Disabilities” training, led by Vitalii Liubota, the artistic director of the Parostky Folk Theatre Studio. This was part of the broader Inclusive Hub in Lutsk project, spearheaded by the Laboratory of Changes NGO and supported by the Ukrainian Cultural Foundation. These activities are just a few among many undertaken by the Hub, and there’s significant work ahead for both people with disabilities and the broader society. Inclusion isn’t solely about people with disabilities; it’s about uniting all of Ukraine.

This publication is part of the joint project „INKuLtur – For Inclusion and Participation in Cultural Life“ implemented in Ukraine by the Ukrainian Step by Step Foundation and Dialogue for Understanding e.V. (D4U) funded by the German Federal Foreign Office.

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