INKuLtur – Call for Donations

For over 5 years, the INKuLtur programme has been supporting equal access to social life for people with disabilities from Eastern Europe and the South Caucasus. 

Join our mission for our ongoing project, “Barrier-Free Safety For People With Disabilities”! Your contribution helps to provide aid for such vulnerable groups as internally displaced persons with disabilities and families with children with disabilities. 

Within our project we support internally displaced persons and refugees with disabilities in Armenia, Georgia, and Ukraine. Through art therapy sessions and self-help groups, we aim to create for vulnerable groups a nurturing environment during times of crisis.

We are also dedicated to enhancing the visibility of individuals with disabilities in the context of war and displacement through sharing their video stories. Together, we can raise awareness about the unique challenges they endure in war and displacement.


Here some facts

As of 23 January 2023, International Organization for Migration estimates 5.4 million IDPs are displaced across Ukraine including 25% people with disabilities and 36% chronically ill. While disaggregated data on persons with disabilities leaving the country is not available, the UN Refugees Agency estimates that, as of July 2022, 13% of the families fleeing Ukraine had at least one member with a disability.

In Armenia, persons in a refugee-like situation have fled mainly from Syria and Nagorno Karabakh, because of the conflicts and armed escalations in 2016, 2020 and 2023. As of 29 September 2023, the number of displaced persons who have left Nagorno Karabakh (Artsakh) to Armenia is estimated at around 100,000 including 52% women and girls, 31% children, 18% older persons, and 16% person with disabilities.

You can support following project activities

Psychosocial support and art-therapy

With your donations we can cover following expenses:

– Honoraria for psychologists and experts for IDPs with disabilities in Ukraine, Armenia, and Georgia;

– Travel expenses for people with disabilities for participation on art-therapy sessions in Ukraine, Armenia and Georgia;

– Materials for art-therapy sessions.

Awareness-raising campaign

With your donations we can cover following expenses:

– Production of video clips in Germany and Ukraine (equipment, honoraria for production team and Interpreting services);

– Postproduction of video clips (equipment, honoraria for video and sound editing, subtitling in English and Ukrainian);

– Producing info materials for supporting refugees with disabilities (printing costs and video editing).

Or you can support our programme in general

With your help we can continue to

– prepare and conduct advanced trainings,

– create online video courses on inclusion and accessibility and

– organise meetings for international collaborations and much more.

INKuLtur is implemented by Austausch e.V. in collaboration with following partners from Armenia, Georgia and Ukraine:

Association Anika (Georgien)

Caritas Aregak Foundation (Armenia)

Fight for right (Ukraine)

Austausch e.V. (Germany)

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