About INKuLtur

The international programme „INKuLtur“ aims to provide people with disabilities in countries of Eastern Europe and Germany equal access to society. We conduct advanced training courses, create online video courses on inclusion and accessibility, collaborate with different institutions, organize meetings of experts and much more.
Our focus is on the dialogue between fellow experts, the breaking down of barriers, and the strengthening of social acceptance for inclusion and diversity.

Our Team

Irina Bukharkina

Born in St.Petersburg, Irina grew up between St.Petersburg and Lviv. Since 2007 she has been living in Berlin. Irina studied German philology in St.Petersburg and then Cultural Studies and Sociology (M.A.) at the Free University Berlin. She has worked for many years in the sphere of civic and political youth education. The “INKuLtur” programme, which Irina initiated together with her colleagues back in 2018, combines her passion for culture, engagement for inclusion and her long-term experience of managing international projects.

Kirsten Heyerhoff

Kirsten Heyerhoff, since 2018 in the „INKuLtur“ programme, which she has initiated together with Irina Bukharkina. Responsible for project coordination and finances. Kirsten studied International Culture and Business Studies (BA) and Cultural Management (MA) with focus on Eastern Europe in Passau and Weimar. A voluntary social year in 2010 at the Curative Education Center in Pskov (Russia) brought her both to her love to Eastern Europe and her commitment to people with disabilities.

Nataliia Zviagintseva

Born 1988 in Ukraine. Master of Journalism and Public Relations at Donetsk National University in Ukraine, later on B.A. in Education and Gender Studies at the Humboldt University in Berlin. Nataliia has worked for several years as project coordinator and manager in the field of environmental education and sustainable development at ChildFund Germany e.V. Since 2020 project coordinator in the “INKuLtur”-programme and responsible for its PR. Nataliia´s expertise is in the conception and implementation of projects on inclusion, diversity, and anti-discrimination.

Our Partners

Ukrainian Step by Step Foundation, Kyjiw
Ukrainian Step by Step Foundation, Kyjiw
Kharkiv Regional Foundation Public Alternative
<Platz da!> Barrierefreie Kulturvermittlung und Prozessbegleitung für Inklusion
Ukrainian Step by Step Foundation, Kyjiw
The Strong People League, Kyjiw
<Platz da!> Barrierefreie Kulturvermittlung und Prozessbegleitung für Inklusion
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