We work to help make arts and culture more accessible for people with disabilities

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Who we are

We are called INKuLtur.

We are a network of people in Eastern Europe and Germany.

We want to help people with disabilities get better access to art and culture.

For example,

– visit art galleries,

– watch a film at the cinema,

– go to the theatre.


We share information on how to help disabled people access arts and culture.

We do this by

– running training courses,

– making training videos,

– working with others,

– doing an arts project,

– bringing people together to learn from each other

We bring together experts who work in arts and cultural organisations.

An expert is someone who knows a lot about something.

For example, a dance teacher or theatre director.

How to contact us

You can email us

You can go on our website

You can follow us
on our YouTube channel called

You can follow us
on our Facebook page