Our partners in Armenia, Georgia and Ukraine

We are glad to introduce our local partners in Armenia, Georgia and Ukraine.

Our partner organization in Armenia is Caritas Aregak Foundation.

The primary mission of Caritas Aregak Foundation (CAF) is to improve the life quality of young people with disabilities in Gyumri, Armenia. CAF accomplishes this mission through several avenues including its development center Emili Aregak, which provides free therapeutic services to children with disabilities, psychosocial support for families and trainings for young adults with disabilities. CAF runs social businesses, including a well-established and popular bakery, which have been created to provide employment for graduates of its programs as well as the mothers of special needs children. Profits from the businesses are reinvested into Emily Aregak Center to further its mission in a more sustainable manner. As there is still great stigma against people with disabilities in Gyumri and Armenia as a whole, CAF acts as a voice in the community to advocate for the dignity, social inclusion and rights of people with disabilities.

To learn more about the Caritas Aregak Foundation check the link http://emiliaregak.am/ and https://www.facebook.com/emiliaregak.

Our INKuLtur-partner in Tbilisi, Georgia is Association “Anika”.

Association “Anika” was established in 1997 by parents of the children with disabilities. Since then, “Anika” has been implementing various projects financed or supported by local and international donors and aiming at promoting realization of rights and capacities of children and adolescents with disabilities. The aim of the Association “Anika” is contributing to the development of right-based, effective, and sustainable social service delivery for persons with disabilities in Georgia. Mission of Association “Anika” is to promote independent living and integration of people with disabilities. “We want environment, where every human’s rights are protected, and opportunities are realized.” – Anika promotes the development and implementation of rights-based, effective, and sustainable social services for persons with disabilities.

The goals of “Anika” are aligned to the current year’s action plan of the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Youth, namely, increasing the inclusiveness of the fields of culture and sports for people with disabilities by promoting the strengthening of the capacities of organizations working in the field.

To learn more about the Association “Anika” follow the link http://anika.ge and https://www.facebook.com/AssociationAnika.

And finally, we want to introduce Ukrainian Step by step Foundation – our partner in Kyiv, Ukraine.

Ukrainian Step by Step Foundation (USSF) is the Ukrainian charitable organization founded on June 15, 1999.

The mission of Step by step Foundation is to promote educational reforms towards child-centered, inclusive education with active involvement of community and families in education of their children through the training activities for educators, parents, representatives of non-governmental organizations; initiation and implementation of projects aimed to ensure equal access to high-quality education for all children, including children with special needs; children from ethnic and national minorities; families in crisis; involvement of families and community into the educational process.

Under the following link you can learn more about the USSF: http://www.ussf.kiev.ua/.

The programme “INKuLtur – For Inclusion and Participation in Сultural Life” is implemented by Dialogue for Understanding e.V. together with Eastern Partnership countries funded by the German Federal Foreign Office.