Inclusion Interactive Video Course

What does a museum that is accessible to all people actually look like? What does “accessible to all” mean? And how can barrier-free accessibility be implemented in the cultural sector even without a big budget?

These and many other exciting questions are explored in our video course “Interactive Inclusion”. In spring 2022, the production of the video course started with ten experts from the field of inclusion and culture, who talk about their professional and personal experiences and provide suggestions for necessary and desirable measures for greater barrier-free accessibility in museums. The nine videos were filmed in the barrier-free co-working space “Studio Tüchtig” in Berlin and in the Berlinische Galerie museum. Not only do they provide a theoretical insight, they also illustrate through practical examples how museum visits can be made more inclusive. In order to be able to offer everyone the opportunity to explore and experience art and exhibition objects, basic education, open exchange with existing and potential audiences and barrier-free access are important.

Here you can watch our trailer for the course:

Are you curious and want to learn more?
The course is split into two units and is available in German spoken language with English and Russian subtitles. A version with Ukrainian subtitles is in progress.

Click here for our free video course on Udemy:

English Version
Interactive Inclusion Part I in English
Interactive Inclusion Part II in English

German Version
Interactive Inclusion Part I in German
Interactive Inclusion Part II in German

Russian Version
Interactive Inclusion Часть I
Interactive Inclusion Часть II